A law firm is only as good as its people. What do they know, and what can they do? Lourie & Cutler has some of the best tax and estate experts anywhere.

At the same time, a law firm is only as good as its structure. For decades, we have worked hard to create a non-bureaucratic, collaborative environment within which ideas flow freely. Why? Because the problems our clients bring to us don't necessarily stay within the boundaries of a specific practice area. And as people's lives change, so do their legal challenges and opportunities.

And finally, a law firm is only as good as its culture. We take our work very seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy working with each other, and want you to enjoy working with us.

As you meet the people of Lourie & Cutler, keep in mind that you are meeting the members of a team, assembled to provide our clients with strong and complementary skills.

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